• Retail Window Displays

    When setting up a shop, presentation is of primary importance. While there are many different strategies to set up the shop itself, equally as important is the retail window display. The window display allows customers to see what the shop has to offer and make the first decision towards making a purchase. Hence, this is an important component of the packaging and marketing of the brand or shop and must be considered carefully.

    Building up a Theme

    The first rule of retail window display is that it must be connected to the theme of the shop. A shop selling toys must not showcase shoes in its display. An interesting way to present a window is to tell a story. The products sold in the shop can be used to develop a theme. Seasonal themes can be interesting, but it is necessary to ensure that the display is creative in all ways.

    Colours and Lighting

    Bold and vibrant colours that are eye catching can be used to attract people's attention. Colours can be easily used to enhance the display in creative ways. In the same way, strategic lighting, especially after dark, is a wonderful way to catch a prospective customer's eye. When such methods are used to pull people towards noticing the window display, it automatically results in them entering the shop and browsing, which leads to purchases.

    Window to the Shop

    While putting up items for showcasing in the window display attracts attention, keep in mind that the end result should be a purchase - inside the shop. It is a good idea to allow a glimpse of the shop inside once the prospective customer has taken in the eye-catching window display. This means that the window should not be cluttered or fully blocked up.

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